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Crow Hill Conservation Area

1) Crow Hill North

Crow Hill Conservation AreaAddress: 0 Harrington Way (MBL 19-29A-0000A)
Area: 13.7 Acres
Owner: City of Worcester Conservation Commission
Purchased: June 26, 2014
CR Holder: Greater Worcester Land Trust

City of Worcester Conservation Commission acquired the fee to this property from EcoTarium (Worcester Natural History Society) on June 26, 2014. To ensure a second level of protection, the City also sold a perpetual Conservation Restriction for this land to the Greater Worcester Land Trust on December 23, 2014.

Crow Hill North consists of an undeveloped field, a black oak savanna habitat and a young secondary growth forest. The property has existing trails that are used by the general public. It is now part of the Crow Hill Conservation Area, which had been identified as a high-priority acquisition parcel for conservation purposes since 1987.

2) EcoTarium West

EcoTarium West Conservation AreaAddress: 145 Harrington Way (MBL 19-29A-00002)
Area: 6.3 Acres
Owner: Worcester Natural History Society (dba EcoTarium)
CR Holder: City of Worcester Conservation Commission and Greater Worcester Land Trust)
CR Purchased: May 5, 2015

This Conservation Restriction protects areas currently forested or covered by brushy meadow/scrub in their natural states. A small portion of the site is designated for visitor parking (about 10 cars) and trailhead access. The open field adjacent to Harrington Way will be managed as a flexible space, with a limited number of events and event-related temporary parking allowed on that portion of the property only (to be run by EcoTarium). The Conservation Restriction stipulates that the events must be limited in frequency so as to not damage the vegetation on the open field.

The City is working with EcoTarium and the Greater Worcester Land Trust to provide public access amenities via improvements on the site (e.g. a parking lot, an educational kiosk, etc.). This site will be updated as more information becomes available.

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