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Asian Longhorned Beetles - FAQs & Information

Asian Longhorned BeetlesThe City of Worcester has provided the public with pertinent information related to the threat Asian Longhorned Beetles have on our trees and forestry. To report a beetle sighting, you may call the toll-free public outreach hotline at 1-866-702-9938.

If you suspect that someone is transporting firewood or other wood materials from the regulated area, please notify an ALB Compliance Officer as soon as possible by calling (508) 852-8090. Please leave a message if there is no answer.

Please review the information below for more information on this threat, along with further reading on the Asian Longhorned Beetle:

General Information

Property Owner Information

Trained professionals from the Massachusetts ALB Cooperative Program revisited property to mark infested trees for removal. Confirmed infested trees are indicated with a red band marked around the trunk of the tree. The red band signals that the tree will need to be removed. In addition, you have already received a follow-up formal letter of notification from the Cooperative with more detailed information on the removal measures. Please contact the ALB Cooperative Eradication Program at (508) 852-8090 or 1-866-702-9938 with any and all questions.

Residents and property owners who will be impacted by the removal of infested trees have already received a Notice of Infestation and Tree Removal (100KB). If you have questions about this notification, the required signed acknowledgement or the tree removal process, you can speak with knowledgeable staff from the Massachusetts ALB Cooperative by calling (508) 852-8090.

For additional frequently asked questions related to the removal of infested trees, please review the FAQs page.

The Massachusetts ALB Cooperative has confirmed a regulated area of 74 square miles and includes all of the City of Worcester and the Town of West Boylston, as well as portions of the Towns of Holden, Boylston and Shrewsbury. This area is under strict regulation by order of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

What does "regulated area" mean?
This means that by law, residents are prohibited from moving or transporting live beetles, firewood, lumber or any infested or "host" tree, branch, twig, stump or other woody materials from the regulated area to outside zones.

What is a host tree?
In the United States, the beetle prefers maple species including boxelder, Norway, red, silver and sugar maples. Other preferred hosts are birches, Ohio buckeye, elms, horse-chestnut and willows. Occasional to rare hosts include ashes, European mountain ash, London plantree, mimosa and poplars.

What should I do if I find a beetle?
Please call the toll-free Public Outreach Hotline as soon as possible. The numbers are 1-866-702-9938 or (508) 852-8090.

What if I suspect someone is transporting wood out of the regulated area?
Please call the Worcester ALB Office at (508) 852-8090 as soon as possible. If there is no answer, please leave a voicemail message with a location.

Where can I dispose of tree limbs?
If you are a Worcester resident, you can dispose of tree limbs at 1065 Millbury Street. All limbs will be chipped and stored on-site for further disposal. Tree limbs will no longer be accepted at the Clark Street site. The Millbury Street site, formerly called 115 Ballard Street, is the only site that accepts large branches and loose brush as follows:

  • The large branch and loose brush drop-off service is only available during regular drop-off days and times.
  • Maximum size of limbs is eight (8) inches in diameter and eight (8) feet in length.
  • Loose (untied or un-baled) brush can be dropped off at this site; however, loads MUST be secured and/or covered while transporting loose materials to the drop-off site. NO tree stumps will be accepted.

Host wood from within the quarantine area represents the greatest risk of pest survival and spread. This host wood can only be sold for use within the quarantine area. Homeowners may use wood from trees cut on their property as firewood. Wood from host trees must be inspected for signs of ALB infestation. Contact the Regulatory Desk at the ALB Program Office if signs are found at (508) 852-8090. All infested wood will be disposed of by Program Officials and should not be kept for use as firewood.

All firewood inside the regulated area is restricted and cannot be taken out regardless of species. Both host and non host trees that have been processed into firewood may be sold to other residents for use inside the regulated area. Wood from sources outside the regulated area is allowed to be brought in, however once inside this wood must also remain for the use only within the regulated area. Anyone selling firewood must attend a Compliance Training Session and sign a compliance agreement with the ALB Program.

Contractor/Business Information

The ALB Ararat Street Disposal/Processing Center (at the corner of Ararat Street and Frontage Road) will be available for approved contractors/businesses only to dispose of host wood materials that cannot be chipped to USDA specifications on-site. This may include nurseries, landscapers, construction companies, tree removal services, firewood dealers, etc. performing work within the Regulated Area.

Any contractor who wants to access this site will need to be approved and/or certified by the Massachusetts ALB Cooperative Eradication Program. In order to facilitate certification, companies will need to enter into a compliance agreement with Federal and State authorities (which will require successful completion of a training workshop). Compliance Training Sessions are held once a week at 151 West Boylston Drive in Worcester. Call (508) 852-8090 for exact dates and times. Hours of operation are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

It is important to note that ONLY host wood materials will be accepted at this disposal center. Non-host tree materials will not be accepted at this site.

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