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Did you know: Smart911 could save your life

For Immediate Release: 8/3/2021 9:18 am

In an emergency, every minute counts and can mean the difference between life and death. Smart911, a national service available in the City of Worcester, saves time and saves lives.

Smart911 provides valuable information to emergency dispatchers, who then relay it to first responders. The information can prove critical in assisting emergency personnel in their response.

How it works is simple. Create an account through Smart911 and enter as much or as little information as you prefer. Your Safety Profile can include your address; how many individuals reside in your household; any pets in the home; medications and medical equipment being used; details of your property, such as any impediments to access; and more.

Calls to 911 from you cell phone provide dispatchers with your phone number and general location. When you call 911 from a registered phone with your Safety Profile, the system recognizes your number and automatically displays your profile – and all of the information you provided.

This can prove invaluable during a time of emergency, particularly for those with cognitive or physical challenges, or who may have difficulty communicating under duress, or for those in a situation where it may be unsafe to communicate.

Smart911 allows 911 operators to more quickly assess an emergency situation, keeping the public safe while also keeping first responders as safe as possible. With advance information at their disposal, emergency personnel can pre-plan for what they may encounter upon arrival, such as any individuals at the residence with impairments or who may require special assistance.

Sign up for Smart911 today and help first responders get to you and your loved ones as quickly and safely as possible when an emergency arises.

To sign up for Smart911, visit https://smart911.com or the City’s website at www.worcesterma.gov/emergency-communications/911.


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